SharePoint 2010 End User

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  • Audience: Information Workers
  • Portfolio: SharePoint
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This course is designed for the user who has been assigned contribute permissions to a SharePoint Foundation Team Web site and needs to learn how to navigate and add content to the site. During this course, you’ll learn how to navigate and contribute to a Team Web site. On the second day, this courses continues on to teach you how to customize your Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010 Web site, beyond the Team Web site template, to meet the specific needs of your department. Students will learn to add components to a site, to apply site themes, and to change site components and navigation options. They will then learn to edit pages in SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Designer, manage content controls, and modify RSS feed settings. Finally, students will learn to use workflows and site galleries.

Description for SharePoint 2010 End User – Day 1

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: SharePoint Foundation sites
Unit 2: Lists
Topic A: Announcements
Topic B: Events
Topic C: Link lists
Topic D: Task lists
Topic E: Contacts
Topic F: Deleting list items
Unit 3: Libraries
Topic A: Document libraries
Topic B: Picture libraries
Topic C: Wiki pages
Topic D: Asset libraries
Topic E: Form libraries
Unit 4: Team communication
Topic A: Discussion boards
Topic B: Surveys
Topic C: Blog pages
Unit 5: Views
Topic A: Page views
Topic B: Personal views
Unit 6: Account information and notifications
Topic A: Personal and regional settings
Topic B: Alerts
Topic C: RSS feeds

Description for SharePoint 2010 End User – Day 2
Unit 1: Adding components
Topic A: SharePoint libraries
Topic B: SharePoint lists
Topic C: SharePoint pages

Unit 2: Changing the look and feel
Topic A: Navigation
Topic B: Site themes

Unit 3: Customizing a site
Topic A: Changing site components
Topic B: Managing item controls
Topic C: Editing pages

Unit 4: Controlling information display
Topic A: Public views
Topic B: RSS feed settings

Unit 5: Creating workflows
Topic A: Workflows

Unit 6: Adding to site galleries
Topic A: Site galleries